“You are calling me into your service, Lord. Please speak to me. Reassure me that this is indeed your will for my life. If so, God, it is my prayer that you will use me to the fullest of my ability. God, in my heart I feel a yearning for you and to be involved in your plans. I want to be a flexible servant willing to go where You have planned for me. Use me, Lord. This is my prayer.”  Justin Bousema

Although I did not write these words – I pray them with utmost sincerity every day- they have become my anthem.  This was the prayer of my earthly beloved one, my late husband Justin, whose faith was made sight by the precious grace of God.  Widowed at the age of 25, I could tell you a little bit about the ash and despair that the prophet Isaiah speaks of in his 61st chapter.  The mourning.  Oh…the mourning.  Believe me, God has gotten an ear full from me a time or two!  With that said, by the extravagance of his Holy Spirit within me, God has allowed me to testify to the beauty and the spirit of gladness that has been promised to me through the redemptive blood of my eternal beloved one, my Jesus.  My Jesus.  Oh, my Jesus has continued to fulfill his promises to me, for joy comes in the morning.  The morning.  Oh…the morning.  As if that were not enough that God is willing to bring us beauty for ashes and let his joy fall fresh on us, God has gently spoken, “Kiddo, that was just the prelude.  Watch me.  Watch me plant your mourning.  Watch me plant your morning.  Watch me plant you like an oak of righteousness for the display of my splendor.”  My humble reply – I claim this Biblical promise- use me Lord.  This is my prayer.

Come on, it’s time to wake up!  It’s time for the promise to be planted.  Come, proclaim the morning with me…


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